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Wright said:

I know deeply how you feel. My 360 holds a special meaning to me because my fathers bought it for me during Christmas in a time where we literally didn't have any money to spare, let alone purchasing a console. But they went through all the hassle to get me one which brought me hours and hours of joyness during the darkest ages.


Hearing you have to put all those consoles in's heart-shattering.

Yeah, it's silly sometimes to think how attached you can get to things. Gaming especially, since it's not just an object, but a portal to almost countless experiences. I received a PlayStation with Final Fantasy 7 the first time I saw my father after my mother abruptly moved me and my brothers out of the house to the next town. FF7 has huge importance to me too, it was practically a switch that transformed me from reading books to concentrating on story driven games.

Going through this process isn't something I've just started, it has been a build up of weeks, if not months. Just listing some of this stuff has taken me a week to post it.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(