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Literally. I've enjoyed gaming all my life but it has come to a point where, not only money is tight, but the constant temptation of distraction is affecting my life. With a new challenging career of self employement, time has never been so valuable to me. Letting go of my consoles is not easy. I admit gaming has been my escape from reality since I was 10. It was at that age my parents went through a choppy divorce and I switched schools only to find how cruel and abusive children can be sometimes. During those troubling years I attached myself to gaming and have not strayed too far from it since. But life tends not to take things easy often.

Just recently I went through my own divorce, spurred on from the mental ailments of my spouse. Despite my best attempts, it was out of my control. Gaming has never seemed like such an attractive alternative. It is what I used to cope in the past and what I fear will keep me from acheiving more in life. If I can't hold myself from escaping my responsibilities through self control and rationing, I need to eliminate it from my life. Temporarilly, until things are secure and stabilized.

So I've began a half hearted process to sell all of my gaming possessions. My PS4, PS3, PS2, N64, games, controllers, etc are being placed on ebay. My Vita to a friend. Still not sure how to sell a modded original xbox. Can I even sell that on ebay with its burned titles and emulators?

I don't know. I'm finding this a lot harder to do and never realized how emotionally attached I am to these things. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(