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20. Okami
PlayStation 2 (2006)
Clover Studios

Despite the success of the 3D Zelda titles, it's remained an insular sub genre throughout the years. But in 2006, Capcom and Clover Studios created a game that would stand among the much beloved Zelda franchise: Okami. And while it used many ideas and tropes of the genre, Okami wasn't hesitant to stand apart from the pack: It's gorgeous art style and atmosphere brought the ancient land of Nippon to life with stunning beauty, and to this day it remains of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. With such tried and true gameplay elements matched with such a world as Nippon, Okami hooked me right from the get go. It's clever use of the Celestial Brush (made even better through the WiiMote) and engrossing story kept me going for hours upon hours. In the end, Okami was one of the biggest plesant surprises I've ever played in gaming. A game that has truly left it's mark in my heart.