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22. Pokemon X/Y
3DS (2013)
Game Freak

I love sprite based graphics. I really do. They've been part of some of my favorite games of all time, with the Pokemon franchise being part of that. However, after playing Pokemon X/Y... there's no going back. Game Freak's first mainline 3D Pokemon game gives the world of Pokemon life like I've never seen before. Each Pokemon is given so much more expression and liveliness that it really brings a freshness to these creatures not seen since their appearance in 1998. Not only that, but the music is incredible, and the world of Kalos is diverse, beautiful, and alive with different people and landscapes. It's been truly wonderful to play through this game. 200 hours are under my belt, and it feels like I'm just getting started, thanks to the best use of online connectivity yet. The world of Pokemon has been given a tranfusion thanks to its big step into the third dimension, but it's a great game because of its fantastic adventure and pitch perfect gameplay. Also, Yveltal > Xerneas!