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kupomogli said:

Tomb Raider.

People are looking at the previous sales of Street Fighter 4 and all of its versions, but they're forgetting everything in between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 2 that didn't sell well. Capcom milked the series so hard in the 90s that when newer versions of the game came out, people just didn't care and I feel the same thing is happening again with Street Fighter 5.

I think this is how it's going to turn out. Casual gamers or casual fighting game fans don't play fighters to perfect their technique and they'll probably play it around a week before their friends and them finally give up on it and move to something else. Those interested might play online a bit, rage after several losses as they're unskilled scrubs and quit. If this has happened to them a few times in the past few years I'm sure it's stuck within their memory and they'll ignore most fighting games. Being reminded with constant releases of Street Fighter 4 and how quick they got bored of it isn't doing any favors for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter 5 is going to sell worse than just the PS3 Street Fighter 4 combined sales.

I will counter predict you and say that sf5 will greatly outsell tomb raider, which is really what the question is here, not whether it will outsell ps3 sf4 sales (which it also will)