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Street Fighter and Tomb Raider are both big franchises. So there will be an impact. But the amount of impact imho is greatly exaggerated here and on GAF no matter which side of the coin you are on.

Street Fighter IV did sell very well. I bought it day one. But it was the first new console SF game in what... 9 years or so? None of the subsequent upgrade versions sold nearly as well. Also, these numbers (around 7 million) are on a combined 160,000,000 userbase. The fanbase that will exist solely on PS4 and PC is much, much smaller. Another reason the effect of this is lessened is because Xbox players have a great fighter of their own in Killer Instinct. Now you can say "hey that's not a big franchise!" but I could easily counter with the idea that there is no big fighting franchise anymore. This was always a smaller genre but with arcades obsolete, it's even more of a niche genre. Xbox people can very easily get their fighter fix with Killer Instinct.

Tomb Raider also sold very well. Around 4 million. SF IV sold more but it has also been around 4 years longer. This game will also have a much smaller fanbase on current gen platforms than it had on last gen. And this game also suffers from the same issue SF V will have: it's available on another platform. And also just like Street Fighter V, fans of the opposite console who want to play Tomb Raider, have a quality alternative.

I think it was a good deal for both publishers and console manufacturers and was done so because the publishers knew the effect would be little to none. Tomb Raider can come to PS4 three months or six months or a year later no problem. Super Street Fighter V can come to Xbone a year later no problem.