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Arkaign said:
Ryudo said:
Street Fighter is like Mario Kart for Nintendo. They have long long legs. Tomb Raider is another hyped game of the week that drops to 20 bucks after 3 months. SF will continue to sell for years


Watch Dogs was way WAY bigger than TR 2013, and look at where Watch Dogs sales are now. Most titles have little long-term impact.

TR will be a flash in the pan at best. That's not a dig at MS, as Sony has plenty of flash in the pan games too. ISS comes to mind. Decent sales for a few weeks to months, then off to the bargain bin, out of the top 100, and soon forgotten.

I agree mostly, but just to throw something into the conversation, Capcom really did milk street fighter 4 to death I wonder if that damaged the brand at all?