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dexterlablab1 said:

The Street Fighter decision is way more impactful than Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider isn't considered "top" in the adventure game field. So while although it's a big move, it's not as impactful.

Street Fighter however is the most popular franchise in fighting games. With that being system exclusive to the PS4, that ensures not only Street Fighter sales, but the fighting game community as well. Guilty Gear Xrd is already PS only. Injustice and Ultra SF4 are next gen PS exclusive. So yeah, this SF 5 move may be the final blow needed to guarantee the fighting game community sees a permanent home on the PS4 compare to the XB1


What nobody realises is that between the two, The SF 5 decision is much bigger than any single game decision in itself. This is a potential genre lock in favor of Sony.

This. This. This. Anyone whose followed the fighting game community knows all major tournaments which there are alot of are primarily x360 run. Internationally its street fighter and second is ultimate marvel. Just take a quick look at shoryuken or event hubs and youll see that alot of people are switching to ps4 from xbox360. guilty gear xrd + SFV  > k iller instinct 


It wont win ps4 the console war but its a victory none the less and its small victories like these that add up to alot more.