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steverhcp02 said:
LinkTheHuman said:

I do hate it when Jouralists use uncreditable sources to make articles. 

Especially the one where only 180'000 of the millions of gamers were used to see what consoles sold the most. 180'000 =/= millions. 

There have also been articles about how Ebay sold all of it's wiius in three minutes, yet don't say how many units were sold, this could mean that 1. Ebay has dumbshit sale analysts who couldn't stock a supermarket, or b. there's genuine demand for the wiiu. And as usual Nintendo won't report on how much green they've made untill around five months after initial sales. 

Sometimes there are valid reasons to hate gaming Journalism.

More like most, if not all times. Gaming journalism came into fruition during the descent of actual journalism and is inherently more trivial so its compounded moreso. It is all clicks and no substance. Gaming journalism will never be credible. I realized this, learned which reviewers I have similar opinions to, and browse websites for entertainment. It is a nice bubble I have created and recommend it.

Thanks for the advise (sorry for taking so long to reply). Generally I trust Kotaku as a gaming (news) site, and it's safe to say the 'AngryJoeShow' is a reliable source for reviews (however since it is an independent source the quantitiy of reviews is low, however the quality is high).