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XanderXT said:
chakkra said:
XanderXT said:
Eddie_Raja said:



I really REALLY doubt that anyone would chose the Wii U over the PS360 because of the tablet. And this is coming from someone who actually likes the concept of off TV playing, but like Eddie_Raja said, paying $100 for it, is just not worth it.

And if you make it tabletless, you get a console with few exclusives, no multiplats, and weaker than the other consoles. I don't think that would make it have a boost in popularity.

Again, I think the gamepad adds zero appeal to the console to convince those who has not bought it yet. Now, a $75-$100 dollars diference, THAT would sway a lot of people into bying it for its exclusives.

But you know what, I actually think that it is too late for that. That is something Nintendo should have done in its first year just like MS did. I think all they can do now is try to put more value into their bundles throwing more games in. And maybe an option of a $250 console with no games, for those interested in other non traditional games (like Bayonetta, Zombie U, etc).