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26. Child of Light
PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One (2014)
Ubisoft Montreal

Once in a while, a game comes along. A game you were never expecting, but for some reason or another it catches your eye. For me, Child of Light caught me with it's incredible use of the UbiArt engine. I was never a fan of traditional, multi-member party JRPGs, but with that art style, and that music... I knew I would enjoy the game just for those elements. What I wasn't expecting for the game to blow me away in every facet of its design. The battle system was unique and always engaging. Your fellow party members were not just talking heads, but offered new ways to engage enemies and proved to be fast friends to Aurora. The story was simple and sweet, and given life through the rythmic patterns of the dialogue. But it was the two elements that caught me from the get go... they did so much than just catch my eye or my ear. They impacted me on a personal level. They even inspired me. Coeur de Pirate's score is incredible. Simply incredible. And the world that they created in Lemuria is stunning. There were moments where I was just content to put down my controller and just be part of what was on my T.V. screen and what was coming out the speakers. Sometimes gaming throws a curveball at you, something you don't expect. Child of Light was such a wonderful surprise for me. And it's games like this we need to cherish the most.