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27. Pokemon Black/White
DS (2011)
Game Freak

By the time Game Freak finished Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, players were once again wondering where the world of Pokemon could go. After all, by this time the gameplay had been polished to utmost perfection... laying layers upon layers of nuance to the system. But with Pokemon Black/White, it needed some freshness, and with that, Game Freak sought to create a world Pokemaniacs hadn't seen since Red/Blue: a world with only brand new Pokemon. In fact, Black/White would boast more new Pokemon than even the legendary game that started it all. And with a brand new world and a plethora of brand new Pokemon, Pokemon Black/White really was a fresh and exciting experience for veterans and new fans alike. It even brought us a brand new take on how the adventure played out (who saw that ending coming?) and even the story was given much more crafting than previous games. All in all, Black/White wasn't just a breath of fresh air, but a brand new way to look at the series.