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28. New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U
Wii U (2012)
Nintendo EAD 4

Bah bah! It had been 16 years since Nitnendo launched a console with a Mario game, and Nintendo would be launching Wii U with the fourth title in the New Super Mario Bros. series. Luckily for us all, U would be the cream of the crop, bringing with it superb level design to match the already tight and polished platforming controls. Not just to be relegated to the "New" series, U brings with it loads of charm and inventive ideas that puts it among the best of any 2D Mario game. Not only that, but Nintendo brought along New Super Luigi U, an expansion pack set to challenge any savvy platformer vet with tough and frantic level design (hooray for Nabbit!). All in all, these two brilliant games showed that 2D Mario is still capable of wowing anyone looking for a great video game experience.