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30. Pokemon Gold/Silver
GameBoy Color (2000)
Game Freak

The Elite Four had been vanquished. Your rival Gary was beaten for the final time. Mewtwo was captured. MissingNo was abused for Rare Candies. Mew wasn't under the truck (but you still came back just to make sure). The land of Kanto had been tamed... and only one question remained: What more did the world of Pokemon have to offer? Well two years later, Pokemon Gold and Silver were announced... and apparently Game Freak still had a lot more to give to the worldwide leigon of Pokemaniacs. First of all, the game was vastly ironed out and polished compared to Red/Blue/Yellow. And while many other gameplay elements were introduced and tweaked to create a better system, it was the actual adventure that fans came running back to. A land of Johto was now available for every trainer to explore... and even after that, Pokemon Gold/Silver offered one of the most mind blowing revelations in gaming history: you could go back to Kanto. Also, Gold/Silver brought us the greatest thing in the history of Pokemon: Dark types!