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32. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox (2005)
Free Radical Design

It's time to SPLIT! You'll notice that I don't have too many shooter games on my list (in fact, this is the last one you'll see. Sorry.), and that's because for the most part, I really don't find the genre all that fun or engaging. It really takes a game in the genre that's truly unique and special in it's own way to really resonate with me (So props to this game and Bioshock for making the list). What sets TimeSplitters: Future Perfect apart is its full scale assault to put a smile on the player's face. The name of the game is fun, and TimeSplitters delivers it in spades. An engaging, diverse (Zombie Mansion! Apocalyptic Robot War! Far Out 60's Spy Games!), and hilarious (yay comedy!) single player adventure make it worth playing time and time again. But the real fun is the multiplayer. With oodles and oodles of characters to choose from (my favorite is Deadwinda), awesome level editors, and so many gun and game options to choose from (Virus mode is the best!)... the game offered hours upon hours of entertainment with friends. Truly a diamond in the rough. Maybe one day we'll see Sgt. Cortez return for some more awesome time-travel shenanigans...