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33. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Wii (2007)
Intelligent Systems

If Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance was my A New Hope, then Radiant Dawn is my Empire Strikes Back. The skirmish is over, and the real war begins. Old heroes return, and new ones enter the fold. Defeated foes return stronger than ever, and new enemies threaten to consume everything that we stand for. The story is truly epic in its delivery, spanning 4 arcs and countless chapters within. The stakes grow higher and higher each time, and your beloved units grow to immense power (not one, but two class upgrades!) as you continue on to save not just your country... but the entire human and laguz races. All in all it's Path of Radiance taken to heights not even fathomed... and I was overjoyed to be taken for a ride. Truly a game to experience as well as to test your strategic skills.