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artur-fernand said:

I don't see how Uncharted 2 is "A LOT" better than 3. I prefer the second one as well, but U3 is virtually on the same level. Anyway, there's a plethora of console exclusives to try out.

The Last of Us, U1, U3, RDR, God of War 3 (all the other GoW games if you missed them on PS2 actually), Ni no Kuni (if you're into rpgs), inFamous, inFamous 2, LBP1 and 2 (though I recommend beating them with 1, 2 or 3 friends. GODLY multiplayer), Bayonetta, Dead Nation is a fun little PSN game... and then there are some games that JUST got a Steam release like Outland, Valkyria Chronicles and - gasp - Final Fantasy XIII (oh boy). Okami is also a FANTASTIC game if you didn't play it PS2/Wii, though it has a pretty slow start.

And that's assuming all you have is a PS3 of course.

I think part of it is just how mind blowing Uncharted 2 was at the time. But I also think it got the pacing and plotting a lot better. In 3, it was more obvious that they though of cool things they could do, then thought of ways to build the plot around it. Also 2 was perfect...