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40. StarCraft
PC (1999)
Blizzard Entertainment

StarCraft was my first ever Real Time Strategy game (I started out watching my friend play WarCraft II, and picked it up after becoming a huge fan of this game), and it was the game that began my love affair with Blizzard Entertainment (where that love has gone now, no one knows...). All I can say is that Blizzard crafted a game with such polish that it still holds up incredibly well to this day. They also created a world (well in this case, a universe) full of lovable (as well as vile) characters, unique worlds and species, and an intriguing story full of heroic deeds and evil tretchery. StarCraft remains an incredibly memorable and lovable game after all these years thanks to the love that Blizzard put into it, and the fans around the world are up for another match. For the swarm!