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43. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
3DS (2013)
Nintendo EAD 2

The Animal Crossing series is one of the most unique and divergent series in all of modern gaming. If you explain the concept to another gamer I'm sure you'll get a very strange look. Decorate your house! Go fishing! Dig up some fossils! Befriend your neighbors! Design clothes! Sounds like a blast right? Well, in it's own unique and charming way, it really is. There's no greater goal in the series. No big endgame waiting for you to strive for and then watch the credits roll. Just... a day in the life of a villager in the quiet and quaint village of ______ (insert the name of your town here). Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the newest entry into the series, and it also breathes in new life thanks to giving the player more control over his/her city as its Mayor (with the help of the adorable assistant Isabelle). Each day offers something new to discover or collect. Long after the grand adventures and epic quests are over, and the credits roll for other games, I'll still find myself heading back to my home in Animal Crossing.