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44. Rock Band 3
Wii (2010)

By the time Rock Band 3 had released, I was already familiar (and a huge fan) of this newest sensation in the video game world. And the "rock band" genre deserved every sale it got. Unique gameplay elements, focus on local muliplayer fun (which anyone could pick up and play), great music, and fun customization options really made you feel like a real rock star. Unfortunately, Activision and EA saw this incredibly fun new hit as a way to make as much cash as possible, instead of nurturing and treating the genre with respect like it deserved. But before it all crashed and burned, Harmonix gave us the greatest of them all in Rock Band 3. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and now the Keyboard gave us even more options to rock, and an amazing lineup of music (made even greater by the vast online store) made it so everyone could have their favorite song to rock out to. Like many rock stars and bands, the "rock band" genre was gone far too soon, but the mark it made will not be forgotten. Raise your goblet of rock and salute!