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46. Super Smash Bros.
Nintendo 64 (1999)
HAL Laboratory

It's a simple question really. Who would win in a fight: Mario or Link? Pikachu or Kirby? Samus or Donkey Kong? Well with Super Smash Bros. we could finally find out in a smashing fashion! Based loosely on the concept of sumo wrestling, the goal of Smash Bros. is a simple one: knock the opponent off the stage with a vast array of moves and Nintendo themed items. And with that simplicity came frantic fun from the get go. I'm not a fan of traditional fighting games because of how complex and unintuitive their controls can be, but with SSB. I was all smiles from the first time I knocked Yoshi out of the park. From then on it's been a blast, and my friends and I will once in a while take out the ol' Nintendo 64 and have another round. Simply brilliant.