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48: XenoBlade Chronicles
Wii (2011)
Monolift Soft

Oddly enough, despite playing it (for over a 100 hours) in 2012 when it came stateside, this is the first time XenoBlade Chronicles has appeared on my list. There were a few reasons for the game barely missing my list, mostly for it's overwrought and contrived story. But looking back, I cannot deny that XenoBlade Chronicles still holds a place in my heart due to its wonderful sense of exploration, wonderous world, and an amazing soundtrack. I love games that reward you for going down the unbeaten path, to explore every nook and cranny of an intracate and diverse world. XenoBlade Chronicles does just that. Not only that, but the battle system is always engaging to play with, whether it's your first battle or your 500th one. XenoBlade Chronicles is a beautiful game, there is no denying it, and I'll always remember the grand adventure across two giants.