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Rafie said:
Landguy said:
I think the PS4 fans will be a little surprised at how much the XB1 will sell better in the US for both Nov and Dec. Might beat it by a million between both those months. The gap in the US might be very small by Jan.

With that said, the PS4 may just go back to beating the XB1 in the US starting in Jan. The difference will be that if it does do that, it will be by a much smaller margin.

Nah it won't be it by a million between 2 months. C'mon now. The PS4 isn't just going to stop selling. It really is too close to call it. Xbox may very well win November. I don't see it doing that in December though.

PS4 doesn't have to stop selling.  THe PS4 could sell 4 million more by years end and the XB1 could sell 5 million - as an example.

It is near the end of the end....