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BHR-3 said:


  I ve been reading alot of posts on here and the interwebz lately things about the xb1 passing the WiiU and how sunset overdrive is a flop but what i havent been reading or seeing posted is the huge possibility of the XB1 taking December NPD over the PS4.  since this gen started alot of the pro XB sales fans have switched there focus form XB vs PS to XB vs WiiU no one has yet dared to challenge the PS in a sale battle almost like they have waved the white flag... surrendered well im here to the rescue. 

Unlike sony with there PS3 sales struggle MS has taken huge steps to make a come back remember how long it took sony to get to $299 well MS launched with a $500 console and less than a year later we are at $350.  MS is going all out for Dec you can get a a console and any new holiday game for just a tad over 400, a PS4 only cost 400 the choice for the consumers is clear here.  although MS has taken a few steps back this gen one thing still remains strong the backbone of the XB the brand has always had a traditional strong sales boost during the holidays that started when kenict debuted 4 years ago, this will be seen again this year first with November then again with December

Besides price, best holiday boost, and online superiority MS will have the SW push for Dec. with there big franchise Halo, the MCC collection will have been release, with all the past halo games not just rezed up but fully remastered the effort put into this should defiantly warrant a repaly and fresh experience.  along with halo COD AW will be pushing HW sales this will be the first must have next gen game and MS gets a exclusive bundle with a massive 1TB HDD and special themed console and  dont forget the timed DLC.  next up Is AC and this one has graphic parity for both systems with better FPS on XB1 giving no reason to buy on the competitors console along with a bundle being available for only $350 which gets you a XB1, AC Unity, and last yrs black flag a fantastic AC game.  GTA5 HW sales push will also be in full effect for this month with an already confirmed 1080p that matches the PS4

MS has spoken with the $50 cut, Halo MCC, multiple bundles, and November NPD win the choice is clear for Dec. the choice is XB1

Whoa its December already??  Can you point me to the November NPD thread?