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49: Heroes of Might & Magic III
PC (1999)
New World Computing

To be quite honest, I've always been skeptical of strategy games. I've just never been very interested in turning a game into a impersonal mathmatical equation. Instead, I enjoy getting to the heart of the game, exploring the world while getting to know all of the fun gameplay quirks. Luckily for me, Heroes of Might & Magic III offers the best of both worlds. While offering core strategy gameplay that is both involving and oh so fun (by offering a hybrid turn based/real time gameplay system, it allows the player to move about the world and battle foes as he sees fit. Which is very welcome!), it also invites you into an amazing fantasy world full of lands to explore, treasure to find, and foes to destroy. Each faction captured your imagination by offering different magical worlds and beasts from different mythologies (I chose Necropolis, the bastion of the undead!). All in all, Heroes of Might & Magic III was an immensly personal and involving game with fantastic gameplay to boot. I'll still play a match after all these years. The game made a believer outta me. ^_^