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50. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario World 2
SNES (1995)
Nintendo EAD

I'll always remember the moment when I first saw this game. I was immediately blown away by what I was watching on the screen, like a painting come to life. I only had a few moments to play the game, but what I played was truly magical to match the visuals. After that... it would be years later when I would finally have this game for my own. Thanks to the GBA and its SNES porting shenanigans, I picked up Yoshi's Island and finally got to play through the game... and what an adventure it was. Gorgeous visuals (that still remain some of the most beautiful in gaming), unique platforming gameplay, (literally) larger than life bosses, and a crying baby Mario... all came together to create one of the most uniquely fun games I've ever played. Nintendo hasn't done much to honor this game's legacy, developing lacklsuter sequels, and not putting this game on the Virtual Console (It would be nice to play this game on the big screen), but it remains a magical game nonetheless.