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washimul said: shams said: MH2 should come in at #1, with 240k (approx). I think Musou will be at #3 - expect Super Robot to take the #2 spot. The problem with these big releases... is they are SO anticipated, everyone rushes out to get it on day#1. GUNDAM would reach 200k by the end of the doubt 120k on the 1st day is great!!!!!!!!!
They didnt even ship that many Gundam Musous. IIRC, Japanese sales trends show that about 70% of sales for the week are concentrated on the first day, so I expect the PS3 to sell around 45k units. Not great, not terrible, but considering this was a GUNDAM and a Musou game at the same time, its pretty disappointing in terms of moving systems. It was probably the PS3's best shot at a legitimate hardware mover until the fall. Not good, considering Nintendo is lining up Super Paper Mario in April, the Wii brand titles and Super Mario Galaxy later this year.