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MrChaos said:
prinz_valium said:
UltimateGamer1982 said:
That's crazy. Even with all these bundles and price drops, ps4 is still right there and climbing back to its usual spot. All without a price drop or bundle, and the cod bundle is dropping fast with only the ac bundle hanging on and once it releases next week, it too will fall pretty quickly.

Absolutely crazy. I'm now starting to believe that ps4 will actually win November. If that happens, the internet will explode considering Microsoft threw everything and the kitchen sink to try and get a win this month. Plus it should finally convince all the xbots that no matter what Microsoft does this gen, there is no beating the ps4 if this doesn't work.

do u know whats dropping fast means?
from #10 to #16 in 5 days is fast?

just like the white ps4 destiny bundle after realse

week 1 #6
week2 #6
(realse of the game)
week3 #7
week4 #18

Bad comparison.The Destiny bundle was in the top 5 from the moment it went on sale to the entire month of September with the regular PS4 sku right behind it.The only Xbox console to be in the top 5 after launch was Titanfall.We all know what happened after that.None of the X1 bundles have been top 5 period other than Titanfall.The X1 never has any standing power and of course the console will increase when its a new sku.How about that standard X1 sku? It never stays in the top 20 lol.

Destiny bundle pre-order was also being sold during the slowest sales time of the year.  Being top 10 in June/July/August is not the same as being in top 10 in November.

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.