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prinz_valium said:
thx1139 said:
celador said:

#8 - Assassin's Creed Bundle

#10 - CoD Bundle

#17 - White Sunset Overdrive Bundle   

#23 - PS4

#27 - Xbox One  

#42 - Ass Creed w/ Kinect

#55 - Destiny PS4

I will update regularly throughout the month

Looking at this Amazon is saying that the X1 is outselling the PS4  so far in November by about a 4:1 margin.  The X1 also has the X1 with Kinect which isnt listed. Any PS4 SKUs not listed?

no. the xbox with kinect is replaced with the ass creesd with kinect bundle.

thats ALL bundles available. (beside 2 very very poor selling amazon ps4 skus)

Nope just checked Amazon still sells the basic X1 with Kinect. Only 9 left, but they are selling them

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.