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biglittlesps said:
GribbleGrunger said:

Let's be honest, it's looking likely that the XB1 will beat the PS4 in November. By how many, that's yet to be seen but I doubt we're going to get the usual 'PS4 wins November' Tweet from Playstation this month.

I'm talking NPD of course. WWS will obviously be a different story. It's going to be interesting to see whether the Playsation event in December effects sales.

Still we have not seen PS4 bundles yet because PS4 bundle games are releasing on Nov 18 which are GTA V, Far Cry 4 and LBP3. So, wait for the last two weeks which can make differnece and right now its XB1 bundle games time for the games SO, COD, AC and MCC until 11th then its PS4 time.

Is Sony releasing bundles for those games in the U.S. Or is Amazon just putting together their own bundles?