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DakonBlackblade said:
Imaginedvl said:
mutantclown said:
The more it sells, the more they lose. The percentage of market share they may gain by doing this in the short run won't justify the loss.

I believe they know better than you do about that (bold) :)
More marketshare = more game, live, accessory sales = more money at the end...

If it was this obvious both companies would be giving theyre consoles for free. MS is taking a very very big loss here but theyre bazilionaire so they cna aford to take such a loss. Its a gamble, and in the hourly charts only 1 bundle is ahead of the PS4 now the other 3 have dropped bellow it so the amount of ppl buying is decreasing.

It is a simple as that... More marketshare = more revenues (game, live, accessories). I never said they are not loosing money in the process or imply that they will not lose any money by lowering the price of the Xbox One versus the revenues it will generate.

But yah, I can tell you that the overall concept is that simple :)

And I agree with you, it is a pure gamble. But nobody can predict the results obviously.