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MrChaos said:
jlmurph2 said:
MrChaos said:

Yet they are in stock and stayed in stock at BB,Target and Walmart.

As for your comment towards me.It's sad that you don't realize the AC bundle was never in the top 20 til the price cut,which has zero to do with my post or point anyway.That bundle will fall clearly. You were saying?

Your comment has the ridiculous notion that AC bundle will fall once its released. But the opposite happened. Its still moving up after its release.

I don't know what that link is but I know what I saw on Amazon.You still can not dispute that fact.

The Assassin's creed bundle was announced 10 days before the price cut announcement. You act as if it was months without it being in the top 20. That's what consoles do when a price drop comes, they sell. You're just wrong in saying it would fall as soon as it releases since it already released on the 2nd.