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We seem to have arrived at the point where it's frowned upon to treat woman like "damsels in distress", yet we are expected to protect them as if they're delicate flower petals.

I have no doubt that it's often harder to be a female gamer than it is a straight male one, but enforcing this stereotype of girls being defenseless snowflakes just makes the issue worse. Girls are just as capable of deflecting/ignoring online trolling as those of us here. We don't need to protect [x] from [y], we need to encourage people to in general not be disrespectful towards anyone, for any reason.

It would also help if we confronted the heart of issues, rather then sensationalizing them. In many articles (not this one, thankfully) gamers are generalized based on the actions of the worst members of the community. This does nothing to help stop that minority of ass clowns continuing in their idiocy, it just pisses off everyone else and builds resentment towards those writing such articles.