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gingergaymer said:
Normchacho said:

You might even get death threats, that's also not just a concern for women.

So why oh why is this all of a sudden a news worthy womens issue?

No one is saying men don't also get harassed online. 

But women are definitely disproportionately targeted by online harassment. They also often are the targets of misognyistic comments, sexual harassment, threats of violence, and threats of sexual violence. 

Trying to address this issue shouldn't be controversial. 

Is it really disproportiante? What about other minority groups? Where are the calls to protect gays online? Or black people? Why is it a news worthy story if it's women but not when it's other groups? Better yet, why isn't it news when it's anyone at all? Why are death threats against women worse than death threats against men?

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