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Intrinsic said:
I think they should give this whole protect women BS a rest.

I get trolled online just the same for being black and african. Simply cause in most cases I choose to put my country of origin flag when the opportunity s given. These guys go as far as finding out what flag that is and resorting to calling me names like monkey or some stereotypical BS.

If ANYONE wants to game online, you just have to put up with the fact that while online you will always find the most ignorant, vile assholes on the planet. Women are no exception.

It's too bad we can't upvote comments here, because I would keep mashing the upvote button on this comment!

People on the Internet are assholes. No other way around it. It's mostly to do with the anonymity.

People will always try to find something different about someone, then hate them for that reason. Whether it's because their game console of choice is different, or their skin color is different, or if they have a different set of reproductive organs, people will always try to find something.

"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

-Samuel Clemens