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mZuzek said:
New challenger approaching! (yes, I'm signing in)

I wish you would be a nice person and let us put games up to November 30th in the list.
I'm already going to have trouble even thinking of 50 great games to put there, not having Smash for Wii U will make it even harder. Also, not that I'm actually willing to do this, but are Pokémon remakes allowed alongside the originals, considering how different they usually are between each other? (and this would also apply to any other huge remakes like Resident Evil and stuff)

Despite the content differences between games like Gold/Silver and HeartGold/SoulSilver and Resident Evil and REmake... they should be included as the same game. I definitely understand the argument for them being seperated, but for sake of simplicity they should be combined in this event.

And the date is so each user has the appropriate ammount of time to guage how much he/she enjoys the game.

But welcome aboard!