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Wright said:

So, even Black Panther is getting a movie and I'm still stuck with that horrible Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck. Srsly. I need a new Daredevil movie to make up for that disgrace

I just ran across this, which is interesting:

"Feige says the “opportunity exists” for the Defenders — a team that includes Daredevil, Luke “Powerman” Cage, and Iron Fist — to graduate from Netflix (where their individual series and Defenders team-up will begin streaming next year) to the bigs."

I hadn't heard about that before.  The Defenders are an interesting group.  I can't help but wonder who the members will be.  Valkyrie would be awesome.  So would the Sub-Mariner.  Moon Knight?  Hellcat?  Hercules?  Gargoyle?  He was cool.

Moondragon would be perfect but I don't know how that would fit in with the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.