Einsam_Delphin said:
ibrahimman0 said:
The prices are perfect, why r u people complaining?
I dont know what other games will they be used for, but i am satisfied with how they are used in smash bros. I think its about time for them to show how will they work in other games.
13$ seems like a good price for multiple games.

As of now all they do is let you face computers better than Lv.9s in Smash Bros. That right there is worth exactly zero dollars.

U teach them how to fight u know that right ? that could be something very fun to do. U can team up with 3 amiibos against 4 cpus in 8 player smash or make ur amiibo face ur friends' amiibo. U can even team up with ur amiibos against ur friends which I cant do to wait.