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CAL4M1TY said:
I'm undecided, it's pretty tempting and has everything I want (which is mainly online), because I won't buy GT5P and GT5, it'll be one or the other.

I think sony were stupid in releasing GT5P, I think they thought that people were so desperate to get some GT action they would buy both, but like someone mentioned above, racing games (particularly sims) just aren't that popular anymore. Hell, I spend more time playing the "dinosaur" GT2 then I do GT4.

 How in hell could releasing a prologue be a stupid idea? If the prologue had sold like, 100,000 copies then sure, but its pushing a million without even being released in America and is selling amazingly in others; plus we dont even know how many people have downloaded it. What does that mean? Well,Sony and Polyphony get a pretty large chunk of cash, get a prettygood idea of how popular the full version will be, as well as being able to iron out any glaring problems which people find. 

I honestly do think youre in the minority of people who are only going to buy one or the other. The full gran turismo 5 is like a year away, its not like youre playing the same game again when you buy the full version. 

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