mZuzek said:
axt113 said:

They may like Candy Crush for free, but as we've seen many times before, they will Buy games when there is value.

Wii Sports and Wii Fit are sports games, not minigames like Nintendoland, and like I said the Nintendo theme is not something the expanded audience cares for.

Minigames for free have been around forever, its not like they suddenly became super popular, no its the lack of games that the expanded audience wanted that drove them away.

Games aren't the same as cameras, people have had the opportunity to play free games for decades, but they've never displaced paid for games with value.

the Wii U games failed to deliver that value, it had nothing to do with the free games on mobile devices.

Oh come on. The way you talk about it, it's like Wii Sports and Wii Fit are really deep games with a lot of stuff to do. They're collections of minigames just like Nintendo Land is.

We've seen people buy these before, but free Candy Crush wasn't a thing in 2006.

They're as deep as typical sports games.

Its all about the fact that people love sports games (its how games like Madden are still super popular year after year)

Nintendoland is just minigames, not sports.

As I said, many will love candy crush, but free games have been around forever, it hasn't stopped people from buying pay games with value