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I3LuEI3omI3eR said:
BraveNewWorld said:
3DS version is terrible. Inferior in every aspect to the Wii U version. A waste of money. Wait to play the Wii U version before voicing concerns.

Didn't say all of this either, but to each their own...

I have to admit I'm actually quite impressed with the game.  It's a handheld system, so i wouldn't expect something with the depth of a console game. The most important part to me is the gameplay, and they pretty much nailed it, considering their limitations. 

I thought my expectations were extremely high considering the hundreds upon hundreds of hours I've sunk into Brawl, and I am still impressed by the 3DS version from my 2 days with it. 

Now, I'm sure the Wii U version will be even better, because Smash Bros' home is the [home] console. Nonetheless I wouldn't mind an elaboration as to why you think the 3DS version is terrible. 

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

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