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Hey guys, thought we could compile a list of things Sony have pioneered that have become staples in gaming and have been followed since. These are just some I could think of and they might not be totally accurate, looking for corrections and additions :P

First DVD enabled console(PS2)
First blu ray enabled console(PS3)
First controller to have 4 shoulder buttons
First controller to have twin analog sticks(twin flight sticks don't really count)
First controller to have clickable analog sticks(L3 and R3)
First controller to have analog pressure button(PS2/PS3. Xbox OG copied this, ultimately dropped with the 360/PS4).
First console to contain USB ports(PS2 onwards)
Eyetoy(PS2, might have been after the DreamEye on Dreamcast..)
First console to output HD(PS2 with GT4)
VR(Along with Ocultus Rift)

What else?