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Hynad said:
teigaga said:

What a typically shallow reply. No substance, just pointing the finger. Signs that you have nothing of value to provide.

I never said it needed to be real-time. I said they've been working on a transition to real-time for some time now.   It doesn't necessarily need that aspect to feel new. But as I said, the series attempts to shake things up with every title. This time around, they do it by going real-time. It's still a JRPG. Not turn based, but so was XII. And that one was pretty much a Final Fantasy game.

I also said that the "traditional FF game" isn't only made of a battle system. Things like a world map, controllable airships, chocobos, Cid, summons, etc... are all aspects of what constitutes a FF game. They can remove or tweak some of those aspects, but that won't necessarily make the game something other than a Final Fantasy game.  

Now I get that some may prefer turn-based battle systems over real-time ones. At the same time, at this point in time, if people are still complaining that the Final Fantasy games aren't like what they were 10 years ago, they definitely should try catching up to the present time. 

As for your stupid jab, of course, because I think FF XV is definitely a Final Fantasy game and the series isn't dead, S-E must be paying me. ¬_¬

FF consists of numerous components yes. This is the first to completely rid of one of the most notable components being turn based battle. This is a new era of mainline Final Fantasy. That is all I've been trying to say, Infact I was playing devils advocate... Snark remarks like ''you must want to play the same game reskinned every 3 years'' is infact implying a turn based game would equal ''the same game every 3 year'.'

Just remember that this game had ''versus'' in the title for a reason.