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riecsou said:
ParryWinkle said:
riecsou said:

I have been playing FF since Nintendo. FF is my fave series ever. I played and replayed and maybe replayed every main FF execpt FF XIII-2 (no replay value for me). I have bought every main FF except Ligthning returns and the online's one. Look at the sales of FF XIII to FF XIII-2 to lightning returns... They are loosing fans and I am one of them. This game looks like dirge of cerberus, and I played the game and enjoyed it cause I know it was a different type of FF. game.

How do you come to this conclusion? It looks nothing like Dirge of Cerberus

Dirge of cerberus: shooting, getting invaded, get rid of them, getting invaded some more...

This video in this thread:slashing,  getting invaded, get rid of them, getting invaded some more...

The only thing keeping me interested in this game is the E3 2013 video. This was an impressive video. All the videos after that have gotten me worried.

The combat hasn't really changed. You can actually play like the E3 2013 video