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riecsou said:
ParryWinkle said:
riecsou said:
Ok I was looking foward to this game now I am very worried. This doesn't look like a FF game at all.

Why do people say this?

Doesn't every Final Fantasy do something a little different?

And so far this game is looking fantastic. Sort of sucks you can only play as Noctis but I can manage. It's reassuring to know you can play like the E3 2013 demo.

I have been playing FF since Nintendo. FF is my fave series ever. I played and replayed and maybe replayed every main FF execpt FF XIII-2 (no replay value for me). I have bought every main FF except Ligthning returns and the online's one. Look at the sales of FF XIII to FF XIII-2 to lightning returns... They are loosing fans and I am one of them. This game looks like dirge of cerberus, and I played the game and enjoyed it cause I know it was a different type of FF. game.

How do you come to this conclusion? It looks nothing like Dirge of Cerberus