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Hynad said:

You're saying FF is dead because of one aspect of the game. The company has been progressively working on a shift to real time since FF XII. You want to play FF VI, it's already out. The other aspects of FF XV might be the most "Final Fantasy" the series has been in quite some time, who knows? I understand that some people like to have a meal in between the actions they take during a battle. To each their own. That doesn't make XV any less of a Final Fantasy game just because some of you are stuck to their pre-conceptions of the series. If the series was still stuck with the same ATB system it had in IV, I'd have gotten bored of the series a while ago. One of the things that make FF games what they are is the way they shake things up with every titles. FF XV is no exception.

Firstly I hope Square enix are paying you well.

Secondly you contradict yourself, one minute acknowledging that the franchise has managed to switch things up every entry despite remaining turn based in the past, the next minute suggesting that it needs to be an action RPG in order for it to feel new. Obviously you don't need to change genre in order to freshen things up.

Also I never said Final Fantasy is dead, I said Final Fantasy of the tradition is dead. Just as 2D metroid or side scrolling Zelda is dead. 

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