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Hynad said:
teigaga said:
Hynad said:

Nothing was killed. The series evolved over time while you didn't. It's no big deal. You get to replay those older games if you have them.

I don't think that quite fair to say and there a virtually no big budget turn based RPGs on consoles nowadays. Final Fantasy of the old tradition is pretty dead at this moment in time

I get what you mean. You'd rather play the same game, with a different coat of paint, every 3 years.

That's not what Final Fantasy is about.

Someone's in defence mode it seems -_-

If we were talking about an evolution you sentence would have some validility, but we're talking a huge change in the composition of gameplay almost a genre shift. Its completely understandable that some people may dislike that. Regarding your last comment every single mainline Final Fantasy up until this has been turn based so it would actually be safe to say Final Fantasy is (or at least was) about that.

If you're keen the new direction thats fine, but don't try and make other people sound like trolls when they're being quite reasonable.