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teigaga said:
Hynad said:
gamemaster4747 said:
I don't care what anyone says. True FF is about menus that give options like fight, magic, run, item. All players should be fully controllable. The traditional ff theme music like the crystal theme and victory theme should be there. FF is ruined. I bought every FF until 13. Yes, even 12 gave some respect to tradition. 13 killed it. FF15 may be a good game on it's own, but it is not FF.It doesn't deserve the name! Oh, and I didn't even finish 13 and got rid of it.

Nothing was killed. The series evolved over time while you didn't. It's no big deal. You get to replay those older games if you have them.

I don't think that quite fair to say and there a virtually no big budget turn based RPGs on consoles nowadays. Final Fantasy of the old tradition is pretty dead at this moment in time

I get what you mean. You'd rather play the same game with a different coat of paint every 3 years.

I understand that you'd prefer a slower paced turn based battle system. That was achieved in the older games. The series might go back to that kind of system one day, but for now, they're trying real time. The battle system is only one aspect of the Final Fantasy games. So to say that Final Fantasy is dead just because the new game uses a different battle system is a little silly. The rest of the game might end up being very much like the FF game you remember.