kinisking said:
swbf2lord said:
Well, I'm not buying an Xbox One no matter what exclusives they pump out for it. So if they release it on PC, sure I'll buy it, and love it, I'll bet. If they don't? Well, then, I won't play it.

Sound like a fanboy. For all you know one of the games you will miss out would have been your favorite game of all time. Why do that to yourself

Does he have to be a fanboy just because he wants to save money on hardware he doesn't want. Come on. I'm the same way. I only want Halo from MS. The rest of the stuff they make exclusivly, I don't like. Gears Of War I almost liked. Because of John Diamagio voicing Marcus. But didn't go for it. So there's no reason for me to get the console. But have no problem not playing Halo, past Halo 1 PC.