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czecherychestnut said:
benji232 said:
Boutros said:

September is 5 weeks.

Oh okay, thanks for the info! I thought wiiU was mega overtracked i n August thinking we still had one more week of sale to add up. 

There have been adjustments made, before the data for the week ending 30 Aug was released WiiU had already sold over 60k in the first three weeks of the month, which if uncorrected would have ended with WiiU selling ~80k instead of 73k on VGC (compared to NPD's 59.7k). Small adjustment, but as a percentage overtrack from NPD its still pretty large (34% pre-adjustment, 22% post adjustment).

I assume a similar thing has occurred to the other consoles, which is why VGC is fairly close, because when I was looking at the numbers a few days ago there was some pretty large delta's (3DS was another one thats been corrected a lot). 


Funnier than VGC being off even adjusting their numbers after NPD was revealed is that they downcut the PS4 by 110k (as reported here) when they were still 250k downtracking even when they corrected to reflect Sony 10M report. Go figure why they do these witchcrafties.

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